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Please note this item is As New and Unused but has no Box!  


The newest addition to the Joy for All line of animated companion pups has the same great innovative features you've come to love! The Freckled Pup has a freckled muzzle, soft, thick, life-like brown and white coat, and loveable floppy ears.


  • Built-in sensors respond to motion and touch
  • Feel the heartbeat with your calming touch
  • Lifelike coat and realistic puppy sounds and motions
  • Responds to your voice with BARKBACK technology


The revolutionary BARKBACK technology and touch-responsive movements give the Freckled Pup an authentic feel of a real-life puppy companion, recreating some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog!


Soft, pettable fur inspired by real dog breeds, cutting-edge built-in sensors, and "heartbeat" give our companion pet pup lifelike responses to motion and calming touches such as petting and hugging.


Bring comfort, companionship, and fun to aging loved ones! Hassle-free pet care and state-of-the-art technology make for a rich interactive experience both for older adults and anyone who could use some extra company.

Joy For All - Golden Pup (As New But No Box)


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