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Percy 2.0 Interactive Robotic Cat - Black and White


Robopets are proud to introduce Percy 2.0, and we are sure you will love this handmade, luxuriously soft and cuddly Robopet.


Designed to help people living with Dementia, the elderly who may be living alone, or anyone who is unable to have a "real pet" of their own.


Percy will bring companionship, comfort, and joy to its owner, as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety. 


With five built-in sensors, Percy responds to touch,, producing pleasing meows, purrs, and a soothing heartbeat.


This Robopet also has rechargeable batteries, so reducing the need to keep buying batteries.  It comes with a USB lead so you can charge your Robopet easily.


Percy is just the descriptive name of this Robopet - why not give him your own Special Name!

Percy 2.0 - Black and White Robotic Pet

Percy will be arriving end May 2024!

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